Pacific Coast twitterlog for Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm driving from San Francisco to Seattle with Adam.. Here's what I've been up to:

  • 6:44 AM PT: Dear auction service: ordered Pacific time, got Central time. Unimpressed and sleepy. Would not order again. F.
  • 7:02 AM PT: ....and we're on the road again. Coffee! For the love of all thugs holy, coffee! (Then cheese, but that's later.)
  • 7:04 AM PT: All thugs holy? Possibly the best auto-correction error EVAR. Now hand over the damn coffee. ;)
  • 9:23 AM PT: Newport Oregon. Driving until we see cheese.
  • 10:53 AM PT: Dear God. That was the most necessary pee break ever. P.S., where the helll am I?
  • 11:04 AM PT: Arrived at Tillamook Cheese Factory. Open mouth, insert nom.
  • 12:04 PM PT: - Cheese loot from Tillamook. You hate me right now.
  • 1:14 PM PT: "We came, we saw, we have eaten their cheese. Let's get out of Oregon." -- @adamrg (Time to crank some Marc Broussard for @sassyblonde!)
  • 1:49 PM PT: Peace out Oregon! Hello Washington! 135 miles to Tacoma on I-5
  • 4:50 PM PT: Bought fabric at Shibiri Dragon in Tacoma. Now the last two hours of the drive. I think both @adamrg and I are ready for this haul to end.
  • 5:33 PM PT: Hello, Seattle. I'm back. :)
  • 6:23 PM PT: Arrived at the Gessamans'. Oh blessed NOT MOVING VEHICLE.
  • 8:41 PM PT: @jmcclure am having SERIOUS cat withdrawal. I don't miss Tenz waking me at 5am but I miss kitty snuggles fiercely.