San Francisco, CA twitterlog for Friday, July 3, 2009

I'm in California with friends, vacationing for a week. Here's what I've been up to:

  • 9:47 AM PT: My first alone time in a week. Glorious. Does staying in and reading count as a vacation activity? Yes? :)
  • 12:06 PM PT: Adventuring off alone for fabric on Clement Street. Didn't realize how much I needed some alone time until I had it.
  • 12:48 PM PT: Bus choice fail.
  • 12:50 PM PT: Palin to resign and not seek reelection. (heads up from @jmdipippa and @steveharrelson) (via @melissaar)
  • 12:54 PM PT: Wanted to go fabric shopping. Got tourist bus stuck in traffic and occupants sans deodorant. Fail!
  • 1:54 PM PT: Satin Moon Fabrics. Oh. Muh. Gawd. REMEMBER THIS PLACE.
  • 3:59 PM PT: Fabric shopping - 3 hours transit time. Now for itty bitty nap, then Alcatraz and Sander Kleinenberg show!
  • 5:30 PM PT: Nap attempted. General fail. Waiting for a #30 to get to a sunset tour of Alcatraz. THEN a concert. I can has coffee nao?
  • 6:19 PM PT: Beautiful, clear day. Sun setting. Time for the sunset tour of Alcatraz. Cameras set to STUN.
  • 9:17 PM PT: Alcatraz night tour? Officially badass. Wait for the photos. Creepy FTW.
  • 10:59 PM PT: Hello Ruby Skye. Bring me the ass of Sander Kleinenberg, for it is time to dance.