San Francisco, CA twitterlog for Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I'm in California with friends, vacationing for a week. Here's what I've been up to:

  • 7:01 AM PT: Attempting to stop the loud gurgling snores @jmcclure is making without killing him.
  • 10:36 AM PT: Missed the #45 to Chinatown. Waiting for the next one. Dim sum today!
  • 12:37 PM PT: While waiting for dim sum we pull out four phones and a camera. P.S. FEED ME.
  • 12:38 PM PT: Our table is the only one speaking English in this restaurant.
  • 1:28 PM PT: Dim Sum: waiter talks to us, sees Asai, then leaves. Did the waiter get "caucasian blocked" by our friend from Hong Kong?(via @WhatTheCast)
  • 1:28 PM PT: Yay, cauc block! ;-) (via @joshjanus)
  • 3:12 PM PT: Home from Chinatown. Must nap. Concert tonight!
  • 5:44 PM PT: I have tossed makeup on my face and glitter in my hair. Fingers crossed we get in the show.
  • 6:10 PM PT: Had to run for the #45 and made it. Off to Ruby Skye, trailing silvery pink glitter.
  • 9:03 PM PT: We are in for BT. Now is the time on Sprockets where we DANCE, bitches!
  • 9:04 PM PT: - @whatthecast and @domesticat at a starbucks off of cyril magnin (via @Itarille)
  • 9:32 PM PT: From @whatthecast: "Dude, way to embarrass yourself in front of the only female you brought. This is why I brought a spare." Me: *swat*
  • 11:23 PM PT: Openers at Ruby Skye are throwing down. Saving energy for main act. 30 minutes to go.