Wherein the seamstress falls over and snores

This is not a real update. This is a set of three photos carefully constructed as a plausible update.

This is the next-to-last night I'll have to work on Das Blinkenlights, as I have a four-hour appointment with a longarm quilter on Saturday morning. Regardless of what the quilt thinks, she's going under the needle on Saturday because Sheila is NOT getting any less pregnant by the day.

Most of the quarter-circles (I'd already sewn some) waiting to be assembled. Stacks are quarter-circles of the same color. The game is like Memory, only orthogonal: match pieces that are similar in value or hue, but NOT the same.

Accompanying blog entry: domesticat.net/2010/03/wherein-seamstress-falls-over-and-...You mistakenly assumed this was chaos

['You mistakenly assumed this was chaos']

I suppose I could clean off the table to get a better shot, but you know what?  Nah.

When done, I'll surround the blinkenlights with a full row of green. The rest of the quilt finishes out with simple 6' squares.

Ashley will probably squee when she sees this; she'll finally understand just how much fabric Blinkenlights and Discothèque really share.  (Hint: it's a LOT.)

Accompanying blog entry: domesticat.net/2010/03/wherein-seamstress-falls-over-and-...Blinkenlights wafting gently in the breeze

['Blinkenlights wafting gently in the breeze']

I could pretend to have something momentous, thoughtful, or even vaguely coherent to say, but what I really want to do is get in my pajamas and then in bed. If I'm lucky, I'll even do it in that order. Tomorrow night I'll finish putting the green striping around the blinkenlights, then sew the 6" squares into a border. Attach those, iron the backing, gather up my Longarm Quilting Crap™ and then fall over ded, as a certain esmerel says.

Saturday morning I will get up, pull on comfy clothes, make a vat of chai, and go to the quilt shop, hoping that round two of battling the longarm quilter will be less stressful and more successful than the first round.

But for now?


Oh yeah.  Forgot. If you're curious, here's a shot of what Discothèque looked like. The quarter-circles of Blinkenlights are all from scraps left over from cutting Discothèque:

Quilt top done. Now to figure out what in the world to do for a backing.Now go make a backing

['Now go make a backing']

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Holy carp, I think I love Discotecque

I LOVE Blinkenlights. Wish I had the ambition to tackle one of those. It's one of those quilts that makes me happy to look at it.