Drupalcon notes: Theming with Skinr

Themer Pain Points

  • Lack of mockups = no big picture planning
  • Lack of time = sloppy CSS
  • Crazy selectors = less reusable code
  • After completion = not much flexibility, low shelf life

You're doing it wrong if...

  • You're not styling default Drupal elements
  • You're excessively targeting IDs
  • You're writing super specific CSS
  • You're creating a new .tpl file for each little change
  • You're not structuring markup in a way that is flexible

Skinr lets you

  • Create your own reusable style definitions in the theme layer
  • Lets you creat your own CSS classes and forget about drupal
  • Makes your styles point-and-click

Where it shines:

  • Contrib themes
  • Projects where development is ongoing
  • Themes for clients who are very hands-on
  • Code snippet sharing and reuse

Define your skins in the .info file.
Print $skinr in your templates

Themes that support Skinr

  • Base themes: fusion, adaptive theme, Zen, Studio, Basic
  • General / Subthemes: Acquia Prosper, Acquia Marina, AT Koda, Light Fantastic, Celadon, Newswire, Abstract, AT Panels Everywhere
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