Does this media setup make my living room look fat?

So let's compare. The kitty tilework on the upper left side of each photo serves as a nice reference point for height in these two unequal photos.


This is the entertainment center we offered. It is gone now.

We replaced it with, black monolith!

['Goodbye black monolith!']


This isn't a completely fair comparison. We need to give the DVDs a real home, so we'll end up getting a small amount of shelving, but still -- it's radically different from what we had before: Center 2: The Quickening

['Entertainment Center 2: The Quickening']

Extra credit:

Also, as a side bonus, here's what some patrons did to some of our equipment yesterday. Sad.

What happened to one of our flat-panel monitors at the hands of some patrons.Vandalism - malice aforethought

['Vandalism - malice aforethought']

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