An update for those of you who do not keep up with me on Twitter or Facebook. I am alive. Our house is undamaged. Those of you who know my street address will understand why I am broadcasting this message as widely as possible. I was very close to the EF-4 tornado that took out a chunk of East Limestone County as well as the Anderson Hills subdivision in northwestern Madison County.

I was able to rescue Tenzing from the vet's a couple of days after the storm. The vet's had a narrow miss from the multiple massive trees and power poles that got knocked down on Wall-Triana, but all animals were safe and cared for.

Jeff is safe with his family.

To my knowledge all friends of mine in the Huntsville area are safe and accounted for. There is grave damage to our infrastructure.

I am cutting lots of quilt fabric while we have no power. Power ETA is Tuesday-Wednesday of next week. My area will probably be one of the last brought back up, as our damage is extensive.

I am safe and well. Not everyone near me can say the same. I am profoundly grateful.

Jacob has my passwords to twitter and facebook, as well as contact phone numbers for my family and Jeff's family. If I have significant news, I am texting him and he will then post as me on both services (signing his name to it) and contacting both families. This is being done with my permission, and I am very grateful that he is serving as a point of contact for me.

Notes about contacting me: we do not currently have electricity or mail service. Landlines are down. Cell service is minimal - I can get text messages out, but cannot make or receive calls unless I get very, very lucky. The only ways to reach me right now are text-messaging my cell phone, DMing me on my @domesticat account on twitter, or coming by my house. I am restricting my travel quite severely until the lines for gasoline become less insane. I'm staying put and loving on the kitties.

Edmund captures my thoughts perfectly as the tornadoes bear down on Madison County. Image on television is the tornado bearing down on Research Park, shortly before the TV station's camera cut out due to the increasing wind speed.Even the cat says OMGWTFBBQ


If I were a cat, I'd be a Birman cat with pie plates for eyes like Edmund's, sitting there with that very same OMFGWTFBBQ expression.

I'm so glad you are you safe... *BIGhugs*