Marimekko haul

I've been doing some Serious Writing in the meantime but let me just tell you ... I've survived Germany and France, and am currently recovering from a minor gastrointestinal issue in Copenhagen. Due to the short length of my stay, and the fact that this bug thoroughly kicked my ass for 24h, I won't see as much of the city as I'd like.

However, I hit up Marimekko. Much evil was acquired.

Hooray crazy awesome Scandinavian fabric shop!At Marimekko, buying All The Things.

I have acquired some of the most insanely bright and bold fabric prints ever ever evar. The fabrics are wide enough that they can be used as-is for quilt backings, and I'm super-stoked by the color madness I've purchased.

I tossed each of the fabrics over the full-sized air mattress I'm sleeping on right now so you can get an idea of scale:

Pattern Designer:Aino-Maija Metsola
Material: 100 % heavyweight cotton
Repeat: 125 cm

JP is interested in this one, but I should have enough for two quilts.Juhannustaika
 Pattern Designer:Maija & Kristina Isola
Material: 100 % cotton
Repeat: 88cmPieni Unikko II

Pattern Designer:Maija Louekari
Material: 100% cotton
Repeat: 79cmLappuliisa
 Pattern Designer:Maija Isola
Material: 100 % cotton
Repeat: 88cmKaivo

Pattern Designer:Maija & Kristina Isola
Material: 100% cotton
Repeat: 62cm

(Looks like Char wants this one.)Ananas, yellow

 Repeat: 0.93 yardsCharles


This is gonna rock.


O frabjous joy!