Needs name, not home

Hi, I need a name. (But not a home.)

Made entirely from recycled drapery silks I got for free from a friend. The colors are actually jewel tones, which are difficult to photograph well in my sewing room on dark days, like today.

Full post:! (Formerly, 'I need a name.')

Keys to help you out:

  • The fabrics are all 100% silk drapery fabric samples that a friend got for me a couple of years ago.
  • The color arrangement is one frequently seen in log cabin quilts.
  • It's going to end up with jowilson, an old friend of mine who is a photographer.

I have a goofy name in mind that I may or may not stick with, but it's clouding my judgment and I'm having trouble thinking of others. 

Jacob has suggested "Focus Ring" or "Lens Flare." "Red Square" has been stuck in my head. Anyone else got any ideas? 


eye of the storm
hurricane warning
DANGERZONE </archer>
tunnel of love
through a glass, darkly

"Hearth" jumped immediately to my mind.