Time gets away from you. It's easy to lose track, even if you're not trying, and -- let's be honest -- I was trying. I can't feign shock or surprise that life moved on while I was dealing with other issues; now all I can do is choose how much of it I want to reclaim, and in what fashion.

This morning's small step was one I've been putting off for over a year: scrubbing my RSS reader of choice. I still mourn the loss of Google Reader; I feel like nothing's stepped up in its place, and as a result, the writing of people I'm interested in has contracted to Facebook updates. I stepped through each feed in my feed reader this morning, cleaned out the broken ones, and considered the likelihood of each of the dormant ones resurrecting and becoming real sea monkeys again.

Most got deleted.

A few people picked up writing homes in the meantime, and I've added them back to my feed reader and am glad of it. My RSS feed reading existence had felt increasingly constricted and insular over the past year, and there were some voices I'd really missed.

The problem: I don't know who I'm still missing; it's the age-old problem of the unknown unknowns. I've been effectively unavailable for several years now, and I know that life moved on while I was gone; I just don't know where it moved on TO.

So -- are you writing somewhere? Have I commented or spoken to you about it in the last six months? If the answer is 'no,' don't assume I know where you're posting. Let me know, either in comments or email. 

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I'll offer up http://biscuit.mit.edu/

When I was nursing babies, I had a well stocked feed reader, to occupy the long bed times. It was too much for a while, then this summer I noticed I no longer always had content to read - I'm not sure if it's just a lifecycle thing, or if content is really shifting onto aggregation services that aren't blog-like.

(Hmm, second try because I'm fumbling over commenter accounts here.)

I'm not sure if it's a life cycle thing, or a social-media-devours-everything issue. I've added it -- thank you for telling me.