The advent of the holiday season

"Cats and Christmas trees don't mix well.. baubles are a constant fascination, designed, of course, for cats. The pine needles are perfect for scratching cat's backs as well (again by design, naturally) and the lower branches will thus be bare within a few hours ;-)"

The return dive into the mundane begins

Currently reading: Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury.

"How do you measure—measure a year?
In daylights—in sunsets / in midnights—in cups of coffee
in inches—in miles / in laughter—in strife—
in 525,600 minutes / how do you measure a year in the life?"
    - Jonathan Larson, Rent

Up on the airplane

I was humming this song this morning. Couldn't possibly have anything to do with Sunday's trip:

up on the airplane
nearer my god to thee
i start making a deal
inspired by gravity
   - indigo girls

I was daydreaming while sitting, stopped, at a red light during my lunch break, looking into the vast expanse of sky. I was enjoying the only slightly hazy blue of the sky. From my memory, the D.C. area is a bit smoggy.

For tonight's tasteless commentary...

The song in my head today:

Seven days and not a return / Seven lives and not a thing learned
Take a lover on the highway / Do you know…

'Cause I am sleeping on a time bomb / And I am waiting for the light to come
You and I could get away now / Do you know…

'Cause I don't know how / I don't know where
We are… We are…
And I don't know why / I don't know if
We are… We are…
[ Vertical Horizon ]

Jessica's quote

There's something comforting in looking into someone's life and realizing that while the immediate motions are different, the overall pattern is the same. It reaffirms my faith in humanity—that at heart, most of us are pretty decent folk. We try to care about the people that are part of our lives. We've lost people that we cared about. New people move into our lives, and we learn to care about them too.

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and commentary from sberry

Today's Snippet Of Amusement is brought to you by Sean Berry:

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