Jody's Less-Vaguely Moroccan Veggie Dish

While we're on the Moroccan theme tonight, here's another from the vast set of recipes that Jody sent me a couple of weeks ago - good for those of us who are trying to up our veggie counts by whatever means are necessary. He calls this his Moroccan version of "veggie delight."

I have to admit, I don't even know what "veggie delight" is. I'm somewhat afraid to ask. Asking questions like that always seems to get me in trouble...

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Jody's Vaguely Moroccan Chicken

This recipe is highly modified from Jody's original recipe, which included many notes like this:

2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil (i wanna know where the skank ho olive oil is)

While I realize that cutting out his commentary ruins the reading of the recipe a bit, I'm hoping that it doesn't ruin the taste of the finished dish. This is one of several recipes he's fired out to me lately, in an attempt to help me liven up the Many Forms Of Low-Fat Chicken Cooking we're doing these days.

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Pesto Orzo with Pine Nuts

Pesto Orzo with Pine Nuts

1 package Orzo (1 lb usually)

2 packages Knorr Pesto Sauce mix (green package, they finally have it at Target, YES!)

1 package pine nuts (approx. size on this, Misty?)

2-3 broiled chicken breasts, cut up (optional)

Much freshly ground black pepper

A white cheese (Romano, mozzarella, etc.) of your choice to taste

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Misty's Infamous Snickers Cake

Misty's getting a little annoyed with us; her recipes that take much time and effort to prepare never manage to win her quite the rapturous accolades that her (as she puts it) utterly brainless recipes get her.

This cake is possibly the best example. I do not like the idea of standing between Jeff and this cake. I suspect the results would be quite detrimental to both me and the cake. Stake your cake claims early, or my spouse will stake his in your stead.

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A ruling Cobb salad

Or, that's what Jody calls it; I can't say that I've had the pleasure of tasting this particular recipe yet. When I mentioned that I had been a little lacking on writing material lately, I found an email from Jody waiting on me the next morning with the following statement:

"I am sending you my all-time favorite recipe. My family routinely goes through 4 bowls of this stuff at gatherings. It so rules."

So, in my ongoing effort to diversify things a bit around here, I present yet another famed recipe from Jodyland.

"Best Damned Cobb Salad In History" part 1: the greens

  • ½ head chopped Napa cabbage (bok choy in a pinch...but find Napa if you can)
  • ½ head chopped romaine lettuce (pick off the outside big leaves)
  • ½ head chopped cored iceberg lettuce (don't use the inner rings ... they are kind of bitter)
  • 3 large green onions, chopped
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Jody's not-quite-sweet salsa

I emailed Jody in my typical frantic, brusque way a few days ago, wondering if he could jot down the ingredients for that lovely salsa he made for a group of my friends a few years ago. I'm fairly certain that it was three years ago, but I could be wrong about the date; it was the night that Heather and Jody played dueling Iron Chefs in Thomas' kitchen, and a lot of food resulted. I remembered nothing but the salsa, which was unlike any salsa I'd ever had before.

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