If I'm gonna die, dammit, I am NOT dying in Chicago.

So, you wanted to know what, exactly, happened on that mysterious weekend in Illinois? This is the overwhelming majority of a letter that I sent to a couple of people while I was there, regaling them with the weirdness that always comes with a domesticat roadtrip.

Laugh, and be thankful you were you, and not me, during the course of this particular weekend:

tired roadtripwarriorgirl arrives home

I'm home from vacation.

Looking for pithy commentary? Look elsewhere tonight, please. I had a nerve-wracking morning. The details of this morning's events concern the well-being of a friend; and I am unsure of how much detail I can go into on this website. For now it must suffice for me to say that I was (and am) upset, worried, and hoping that the person in question is doing better than they were this morning.

roadtripwarriorgoodnessgirl, part 2

* Amy is on vacation. She returns home on Friday, December 14; her almost-daily commentary will return shortly thereafter.


For those of you who have been under a rock for the past few days, I'm now officially on vacation.

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All the lights are changing, red to green

Subjectline courtesy David Gray. I've been singing it this afternoon, after a chance encounter with the song on the radio. It's probably one of my favorites from this year.

I've been toying with how I wanted to start this entry; this, my official switching from everyday life to the frantic and frenzy that comes for preparing for a classic Domesticat RoadTrip. I've been at a loss for how to begin.

Game's up, domesticat!

A lot of the time, I write here about the serious, the thoughtful, the life-changing.

Tonight: the silly.

So I finally get to talk to Aaron, to get times and details hammered out for my trip (huzzah! he doesn't care if I go gallivanting about on my own!). In preparation, I spread out papers and such in the guest bedroom.

Immediately, Tenzing does his patented chirrup-hop! onto the bed, looks at my papers, and starts sniffing balefully. The mixed suspicion and curiosity were plain to see.