Home at last

We are home at last, with feet that tell tales and piles of laundry that are making their way through the washer and dryer.

Jeff suggested I use a very high f-stop and long shutter speed to flatten the depth of field in my photos of the nave.  To do so, I had to prop my camera on a pew.  The cathedral was busy, even in the middle of a weekday, and after a while I realized that with a long shutter speed, I'd never get an unobstructed view of the nave.  Instead, I got contrasts: the stillness of stone, the fast-moving tourist in the aisle, and the couple a few pews ahead of me, kneeling and still in prayer.  A better shot than perhaps I deserved to get.Nave traffic, St. Patrick's

I've uploaded and geotagged our photos, which led to our realization that we walked far, far more than we gave ourselves credit for. (Though now I'm wondering what kind of equipment it takes to auto-geotag a photo on a Nikon D80...)

There are quite a few photos: everything from urban blight to cathedral glory, but only a couple of us. There's the tea shop in Greenwich Village and the site of our magnificent birthday dinner.

We are tired, footsore, and glad to be home.

pack and panic

We are going to New York.

Jeff and I don't 'vacation' together often. He has the same love for quiet days at home that I do of plopping myself in a new city and learning it by wearing out the soles of my feet. The typical end result (which you will see in December) is of me packing a small bag and Jeff dropping me off to catch a plane heading off to parts unknown.

(...and I don't even like to fly!)

Take your potential lockout and shove it

"The bright lights of Broadway are still shining, but the question remains, for how long?

There doesn't appear to be any movement in the deadlock between the stagehands' union and the League of American Theaters and Producers, despite a meeting yesterday aimed at clearing the air.

However, right now there is no indication of a when or if a lockout will take place. Both sides say they have already given their final offers."

Single digits.

Here we are. The clock on my computer says we have exactly a week to go, and the scary thing is, I think we're more ready than we've been in years past. Jeff brought the Ops server up last night, and I started testing it to make sure the basic functions were ready to go.

I've found a few oddities, and it's not fully functional yet, but I've got a list of fixes and tweaks, and everything looks manageable.

path of greater resistance

At lunchtime, the raindrops were starting to find each other and think about congregating on windshields, and I thought about Chris, out west, half a world and a blizzard away.