Pledge Week, part 4 of 4

Well, well, isn't that tidy? Like all artists of the highest caliber, my artistic output can be purchased. It is with greatest pleasure I announce that, due to higher-than-expected returns, the 2002 Pledge Week is now officially over, and all—both on the artistic side and on Corporate—will be going home happy.

Unless you're a pantyhose-toting piranha, that is.

There. It's official. I toed the party line. For all of one paragraph, anyway. Corporate's gotta take what they can get, though. Seems like there's nothing quite like a writer airing her grievances in public to get the wheels of justice rolling.Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I'm pleased to announce that the thorn in my side, the professional pantyhose-toting piranha known to the world as Miss Chelsea Uppington-Smythe, has decided to take some "administrative leave" while her duties at the corporation are "reassessed."

I, on the other hand, picked up a lovely bit of glad-handing and a bit of cash in the hopes that the combination of the two would soothe my worried, agitated brain.

Hey, I'm an artiste! I can be bought like the rest of 'em!

In the meantime, I'm pleased to announce that we'll be returning to our more typical entries after this entry is posted. However, before we do, I'd like to stop in and thank readers number nine and ten for making themselves known to Corporate, especially Catya, reader number nine, hailing all the way from Dublin, Ireland!

I guess that Corporate will have to dish up a new slogan for the site. Perhaps they could go with something like this: " we may have a global readership, but we're still a colossal waste of time."

In the meantime, Edmund is working with his weight trainer. Apparently the offer to do a blues album still stands. He's nervous about that photo shoot for the front cover. Poor kitty…

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled programming!

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Good. :)

*heh* What with the rather-dreadful life events I've been dealing with since January, I needed some levity. In a bad way. So I created a little. :)

well thank goodness! I was so afraid, not that I've just discovered you, that you were going to leave! (Smart Corporate, going with the 'art' :) (thanks for the fun!)

/me says in mock horror: "NO!"