28 April 2012 to 20 October 2012
Alex's younger child
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Completed and given away

I've been looking for a reason to use the Chopsticks design for some time, and am finally making the time to try it out here. The original pattern shows this design in neutrals, so my version differs mightily from the original. I'm following Alex's color request: the colors of the German flag.

It's starting to come together, one triangle at a time. Even if they do remind me of hazard lights.Seamed up

I threw in orange for good measure. If I'm going to have yellow, red, and black -- why not slide in orange, too?

Yes, I know they look like fluorescent traffic signs.

I've even slid in a bit of the Australian fabric that esmerel found:

Friends sent me fabric from Australia. Obviously, no fabric is too precious to cut into.Every red quilt needs a 'roo

No new fabrics for this quilt; I raided the reds that Jake sent me, plus my stash -- I had enough of these strong colors to make it work.

I'm still mulling over the back. I have a recycled 1970s Star Wars flat sheet coming my way, but I'm not sure if it's the right choice because the sheet has a white background and lots of blue.

I'm not sure what pattern this quilt needs for a back, but I know it needs to be almost explosively nerdy, and I need to decide soon. This quilt's going to finish quickly, and I need to get my decisions in place now.

I started joining some triangles together just so I could see some real progress.Beginnings of assembly

Forgive the crappy writeup; I'm not in the mood to write, but I needed to get this quilt at least on the list.

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