17 October 2020 to 14 November 2020
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Completed and given away

While working on an upcoming quilt, Proxima, I needed a break. I'd been looking at the Plaid-Ish Scrap Quilt tutorial for some time, after seeing a member of my sewing group make it, and I thought the squares and simple shapes would be a break from the fiddly foundation pieces of Proxima. I'm in the middle of a long project of burning down my quilt stash, because I want to rearrange my sewing room, and I needed a project that would both use up a lot of blue fabric and one of the quilt backs I've been hanging on to for years.

I've been looking at this backing for years, and each time I'd think, "this totally needs to be a quilt for Daphne." It did eventually hit me, though, that the sentiment wasn't useful if I didn't actually turn it into a quilt.

Exploding TARDIS quilt backingExploding TARDIS quilt backing

It was a matter of a few evenings to cut the pieces: darks, mediums, and lights, using as many purples as possible and filling in the rest with blues.

Darks, medius, and lights.Pieces ready to sew up

Lovely, seeing the value contrast show as the pieces are placed against each other.Trial run - it works!

Pippin helped, of course. He IS a kitten, after all.

Can I pull this down, Mama? Are you sure?Pippin, halping.

This was a quick, simple finish, anda. rewarding break from a project that was tough. Rather than continuing to look at the big swath of TARDIS fabric and thinking it really belonged to someone, without acting, now it's a warm and comforting quilt. Intentions are lovely, but they don't count unless you act on them.

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