23 September 2010 to 28 February 2011
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Rick and Jessica's daughter Phoebe
Goose in the Pond variation
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Completed and given away

This quilt definitely wasn't planned, but sometimes, when life hands you not-matching lemons, you grab a sharpie and a glass of tasty booze and say, "Fine, how can I make this work?"

Well, it didn't really happen like that. If you read "But it's awesome when it happens!" then you know the story: the tale of two pinks that didn't work together, and the call to Margo at to say ACK SAVE ME PLZ. With a small application of my credit card, fabrics were acquired.

So here's how we got started:

This 15' Goose in the Pond block sent me scurrying back to call to get her to ship me additional fabrics. I dissected this block into two parts -- the cinnamony interior and the bright pink exterior.  The bright pink exterior got a sunnier pink to match it, and went on to become the quilt Lucy-Goosey. The cinnamony interiors got paired with a dusty lilac that brought out the best in the color, and will go on to be a quilt called Linus.

Seriously, if you're going to nickname a quilt Lucy, and spin off fabrics from it, what ELSE would you call it?Houston, we have FAIL.

['Houston, we have FAIL']

I ripped those apart into interior and exterior bits, because they simply just didn't work together. Those bright pink exterior pieces were given a cheerier pink companion piece, and went on to be the quilt Lucy-Goosey:

Much better in straight sunlight. Even better? After today I can smile and say that yes, I know where the companion quilt to this one is going.

Blog entry:

The companion quilt will be called 'Linus.'Itty bitty and DONE.

['Itty bitty and DONE']

The more cinnamon-toned interiors were rescued and paired with a soft, dusty lilac-on-purple stripe, known as a "double purple" fabric, and will become this quilt:

After helping me photograph the big quilts, Misty and Kat decided it would take both of them to hold up the smallest fabric piece.Wait ... we need two people to hold this square!

['Wait ... we need two people to hold this square!']

The cinnamon pink will be happier here. When placed next to the purple, it looks soft and lovely instead of the poor drabby brownness it had next to the ultra-poppy pinks in Lucy. Everyone goes home happier in this configuration.

Since I'd already cut into the fabric, I was committed to this design, so I went hunting for a way to make it slightly different. There are several variations of the 'goose in the pond' block that involve swapping the outer triangles out in different directions, and I've decided to use one of the variations instead of making the same exact quilt twice.

I've confirmed with Rick and Jessica (of that these are indeed their older daughter Phoebe's favorite colors, so this will be a late 3rd birthday present for Miss Phoebe. Rick told me tonight that the girls will end up with twin beds, so -- hooray! -- this will be a slightly smaller-than-usual quilt for me. I'm NOT going to argue if someone says "Noooo, you don't have to do a queen-sized quilt!"

But first, I have to wrap up a few other things...I'm grateful they're not expecting it immediately. I'm trying to bang out a few quick projects, and those are taking priority over everything else until they're done.