The Red Librarian

6 February 2010 to 3 July 2010
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me! I'm keeping it! Neener!
Color Block
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Completed and given away

This quilt isn't kid-friendly, or work-safe, or any kind of two word sobriquet. It's also not tactful or tasteful. It's also not being given away, which is a first.

For months now, I've had an ongoing dialogue with a friend, who has referred to my public side and my private side as the "white librarian" and the "red librarian." I've been amassing fabrics through various sources that I have loved and couldn't imagine parting with; I now have enough to actually make a 'Red Librarian' quilt as well as a 'White Librarian' quilt. Rest assured that every fabric in this quilt has a story. You may not hear all of them, but they exist.

If you visit the photoset on flickr, you'll discover why this quilt is labeled NSFW. Think of this quilt as a cheat sheet that will keep you warm, too! (The oh-so-NSFW fabric comes from this etsy shop. I think I owe her a beer.)

Hat tip: this pattern is the Color Block quilt pattern available on etsy from the user carolinasquirrel.