testing, testing, and more testing.

Well, the redesign's up. Mostly. I lack a few things getting done, such as tweaking the guestbook (which is always the last to be updated). Greymatter is about 95% set up and is waiting in the background for one last thing…I have to figure out how to hack in my old entries so that all of my journal entries will function under greymatter. I'm not terribly keen on having to maintain six months' worth of my really long entries by hand every time that I want to do a page redesign.

So I'm going to do a few more posts under greymatter (cross-posting them here as well) in the hopes that I can figure out how the datafiles work. (I might rope Gareth into helping.) At this point I'm so incredibly close—I'd hate to find something so cool and not be able to put all my old entries under it as well.

I'm still greatly amused that every time I load up domesticat, there's a picture of my toes. In case you hadn't figured it out yet, the theme is "pieces of me."

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