Gothgirl and new random-entry scripts

In lieu of a new journal entry, I proffer the latest skin, "gothgirl." Like all the others, it's available at the skins page. With it, I'm inaugurating a new script that I plan to make available in a few more of the skins soon: random entries.

Gareth, of course, gets lots of credit for this—while most of the code is (technically!) my own, his guidance and hinting-at-appropriate-times made it possible for the script to exist in the first place. (download the code) It interfaces with greymatter, which I currently use to power the entries on It's pretty simple, in the end. Every time you reload a page that has the random-entry script included, you'll get the title and first paragraph of one of my archived entries. A "read more" link will be included if you're interested in reading the rest of the post.

I've had 'gothgirl' waiting in the wings for a while, but I specifically wanted to unveil the random-entry script in conjunction with this skin. Until the random-entry script was available, 'gothgirl' had to wait.

If you think you've seen this picture before, you probably have. This picture from our Vancouver trip this past year might jog a memory or two. The original picture was far too dark; I corrected the levels for the trip photo collage, but found the really large, dark original to be compelling in a way that the corrected version was not. I saved an extra copy of it, and the skin sprang from that photo.

Kat teased me a couple of days ago that I hadn't posted any new skins in quite some time. I realized that she was right; I've had some new ones waiting in the wings but have held off on each of them for one reason or another.

Perhaps tomorrow I'll try to fix the lingering problems with "glacial" and get it posted. It's been sitting, unused, on my hard drive for long enough.

As always, if you have any problems with the new skin or the new script, give me a yell. You know where to find me.


for some reason the random-entry.php code didn't work for me until i changed while ($open_closed=='closed'); while ($open_closed=='closed\n'); my *.cgi files have a \n after that field. i also added in a max_length for the entry cause with long first paragraphs it messed up my page formatting. good work with the scripts though. -sch