Mind the mortar, it's still wet behind the ears.

I stated to Brad that there's something inherently satisfying about coming out of a multiple-day binge of code-fu with a successful result. In this case, 'success' means that the cats are annoyed, the spouse hasn't talked to me much in a few days, and I forgot to brush my hair this morning, but I've accomplished so much code work that I find myself pleased nevertheless.

Thanks to Gareth, I've re-tweaked the PHP/javascript that powers the pictures page. It now works more happily in more browsers than it did before. (Thanks also to Scott of redrubberball.net for providing me with feedback that led me in the right direction.) In true workaholic style, getting that one large task done spurred me on to more work. I've also completely changed how the cast and crew page works. It, like the pictures page, is now dynamic; I can link to individual bios and pictures (say, Rick's) instead of attempting to reference you to an enormous page full of…well, bios and pictures. For some time, I've been displeased with the clunkiness of the cast page, and opted to do something about it while I was on a roll.

For some time now, I've maintained a totally arbitrary 'best-of' list on the archives page. I've been pleased with that and have wanted to expand the idea, so I've created a new section of the site to host that list. A good chunk of my time will be pointed in that direction of the site; next up is to create a list of entries that serve well as starting points in the sea of prose that is domesticat.net. After that, I will probably assemble a central point for both recipes and poetic bits (keeping in mind, of course, that one is neither so good a cook nor a poet as one would like to believe of oneself).

I've changed several of the skins to reflect these changes, but the skins with graphical navigation elements will lag behind as I finish things up. I'll move the new navigations live as I finish them, and everyone—no matter what skin you browse with—shall simply have to be happy. (Currently, all skins except touch-of-grey, maiko, and flowering are completely updated.)

I've also combined the 'domesticat'? and 'disclaimer' pages into a single 'about' page, but the vast majority of you don't really care about that one.

If you're interested in my providing a skin designed for PDA users, please email me (comments @ domesticat.net) and let me know, and it will be added to the list.

For now, though, the strange and random 404 errors should be over with, and I can get back to my regularly scheduled entries. Stay off the sidewalks until the mortar dries, please; I don't want to have to redo my work again anytime soon!

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