A cat and her hat...

(Apologies to everyone who knows how to pronounce 'New Orleans' correctly, including myself.)

Heather and Jess:

Oh, domesticat,
you should have seen
this knitting shop
in New Orleans!

We saw the yarn
and thought of you.
You love to knit
(and crochet too)


We bought you just a little bit.
We thought you'd have such fun with it.

This single skein
was Japanese
(and cost a lot,
forgive us please

for only buying one).
Hand-spun, hand-dyed --
lots of colors—
shocking, bright.


Whatever shall I do with this?
Knitter's dilemma, knitter's bliss!

The wool is soft
upon my hands—
I think that I
shall make some plans

to knit a cover
for my hair.
A pattern for a rasta hat --

should hopefully do the trick.
I hope that I can make it quick

so I can wear it to
the dragon*con meeting --
because my friends will
all be disbelieving

that a silly suburban
girl (so white!)
would ever dare to
claim the right

to wear a funky rasta hat.
Yes…I shall make a hat!

A rasta hat.
A domesticat
should have a hat
and that is that.

I christen thee… The funky chicken hat! (Unless you have a better idea, that is!)

(—sigh, I have a lot of hair.)


You be jammin' man! /bad Bob Marley impersonation

ROCK ON!!! that is so awesome! be sure to check out heather's pictures from new orleans for photos of stacks and stacks and stacks of yarn... this store is awesome :) (and no, they don't have a website. we asked.)

Dude, love the hat. :)

I LOVE that hat!!! =)

I love your hat and I would love to make one. I'm a beginner knitter. Is it possible for you to share the pattern with me?? I would greatly appreciate it!

did you actually find a pattern because i would love to know it. i promissed my boyfriend that i would knit him a rasta hat for his dreads. so if you have a pattern or anything inofrmation you'de like to share i would be more then greatful! Thanks