But it's a half-done pile now!

While 'Remixed' is still a big stinking pile of do-over, the good news is that it's significantly more done now. I've been sitting on the couch listening to Jeff's television choices and ripping out stitches a column at a time, alternating between

Point d'esprit lace patterns

I'm lodging this so I have a second copy.  This is a knitting pattern I purchased some number of years ago from a website that is now defunct. Since it was copyrighted, I won't publish it publicly, but I hate the thought of this pattern being entirely lost.
Copyright © 2003 by Wendy Siera
Permission to make and distribute 10
copies of this pattern is granted to the
original purchaser, so long as this
copyright notice and the “design by”
designation remains unaltered.

Say what you mean

Stick by your words, domesticat.

Despite what Matthew will tell you, I'm generally a nice and polite person, especially in public. I let my hair down on this site more than I often do in face-to-face conversations, and every now and then I have to learn to live with the little lump in my throat that comes with speaking my mind.

Peacock eyes

You never know when you're going to fall in love. Well, I wouldn't so much call it 'love' as I would 'deep and abiding lust.'

Adrienne Vittadini. Cristina. Color #4.

photo of skein of Adrienne Vittadini yarn