Hmph, so there. Knitting.

There, dammit, I'm a knitter again.

Pattern - 'Wisp' - with heavy modifications. Yarn: Knit One Crochet Too Melange, color 237. Very very pink.Project closeup: 'wisp' variant scarf

['Project closeup: "wisp" variant']

Blame our visit to Catherine and Jeff in Illinois recently; I knew I had gorgeous yarn stashed away, and I knew I needed to just dive back in and get started, but it took seeing her lace knitting left casually out on the table that made me say "*@($*(&! I know how to do that."

Bit the bullet, set up a account.  (I'm amyqmc there.)

Came home, dug out the stuff, picked a project I knew I was capable of doing -- and just did it. Felt much better, too.

As an aside to some of my friends -- how the hell do you do it? I keep up with some of you on various social media places (twitter, facebook, etc) and it seems like you guys are just this constant fount of interesting. Books being read, projects being accomplished, blog posts written ... do you people sleep? I can't figure out how to keep up with you guys. You churn out interesting at a rate I simply can't match. I am deeply envious.

I'm most of the way through a second scarf -- hooray knitting as a way of churning out things for gifting! -- and when that's done, i've promised myself I'll get back into scarf knitting goodness.

Can you tell I'm in the middle of a king-sized quilt and am desperate for some semi-quick gratification?


Way to be awesome! Lace knitting isn't for everyone. And now you're onto project #2. Phew. Oh- I finished that lace shawl and plan to block it tomorrow. Pictures to soon be on Ravelry!

I've actually done more lace-oriented work, but it's been a looooong time. It took me a little while to find the last yarn project I did -- looks like it's the winner. It's a vertical dropped-stitch pattern I found at

Yeesh. Five years ago. I knew I hadn't done any knitting at all since I started working at the library, but I didn't realize it had been five years. Time is clearly getting away from me.