Ends and means

I can say, finally, after five years and seven months:

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An intro to Octopus's Garden

FINALLY! After four months, this beastie is finally done. 

Details on the construction of this quilt are available at domesticat.net/quilts/octopus-garden

Pattern: Swirl.
Hand-pieced (NOT appliquéd!)
Machine assembled
Machine quilted

Time estimates on hand-sewing:

32 interior 4-swirl pieces: about 48 hours
28 exterior 3-swirl pieces: about 28 hoursOctopus' Garden: complete!

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Pick-up time

In filmmaking terms, "pick-up" means fixing minor shots after the majority of a film has been shot. We're to that point on Pentatonic, my long-belated Penrose tiling quilt:

Pentatonic progress

Might as well say it bluntly: I've needed time to resume sewing after losing Tenzing. It's hard to lose your furry sewing buddy and leap right back into the hobby like nothing happened. I'm still not really really all the way back on the horse, but I'm getting there. I'm working my way through a few projects, but I've started focusing on the long-paused "Pentatonic." I spread out the quilt, started assessing what I had cut, and realized I was further along than I'd originally expected. So I'm plowing forward.

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When I put yesterday's fresh rounds of travel into TripIt, I saw a line that summed up my year:

You've traveled 43,660 mi to 44 locations.

I nodded, thinking to myself about the places I've been, the people I've met -- or reconnected with -- and felt profoundly grateful. I've been welcome in a lot of places over the past year, slept on a few new couches, met delightfully new recombinations of humanity. All unique, none replaceable.

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2 March 2013
Katherine's son
Half-square triangles
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Completed and given away

This morning, while working to finish Invariant, I found myelf reflecting on the travel schedule I've been maintaining over the past year and the conflicting effects it's had on my creative time. My stash has picked up fabric from Denmark, Oregon, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Colorado, Holland, and England. That same travel schedule has made it very difficult for me to actually work through the projects in my head, making me feel that I am "unproductive" when, in fact, I'm just not at home long enough to dig into anything larger than what I call a "snack food project."

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