Smile, and feed the soul

I survived the second go-live of the week today, and my brain is sloshy and very liquid. I've been sifting through the piles of fabric I cut during the week-long power outage after the April 27th tornadoes...

So close, so close, so close.

Right now, "Eat This Quilt" is, for lack of a less appropriate phrase, so close to being done that I can almost taste it. Hallie invited me over last night to do some crafting, and I brought it with me to work on weaving in loose threads.

We draped the quilt over the ottoman and couch while I was taking a water break, and it seemed a good time to snap a photo:


I make constant snark about Tenzing, but I couldn't say "free to good home" and mean it. We are companionable, he and I. We spend a great deal of time annoying each other, as these photos attest:

The Island of Misfit Quilts (Quilt Blogger's Festival)

(Note that this entry is for the spring 2011 Quilt Bloggers' festival. Those of you who read domesticat.net regularly have seen this quilt and these photos before.)

Things that make me happy

Susanna, the winner of the quilt contest, with her newly-arrived quilt top: