Ends and means

I can say, finally, after five years and seven months:

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Pick-up time

In filmmaking terms, "pick-up" means fixing minor shots after the majority of a film has been shot. We're to that point on Pentatonic, my long-belated Penrose tiling quilt:

Pentatonic progress

Might as well say it bluntly: I've needed time to resume sewing after losing Tenzing. It's hard to lose your furry sewing buddy and leap right back into the hobby like nothing happened. I'm still not really really all the way back on the horse, but I'm getting there. I'm working my way through a few projects, but I've started focusing on the long-paused "Pentatonic." I spread out the quilt, started assessing what I had cut, and realized I was further along than I'd originally expected. So I'm plowing forward.

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A powerless time

After six nights in the dark, my power returned last night. I am immensely grateful that my house escaped the widespread devastation that can be found in my community. I've posted my photos of the devastation and its aftermath to Flickr; I did not seek out damage for photography purposes, but it was everywhere I went. it took a few days to rescue Tenzing from the vet's, thanks to this mess in front of their building:


28 May 2010 to 17 June 2010
Amanda and Moses' daughter
Penrose cartwheel tiling
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Completed and given away

I've made no secret of my intention to do a large Penrose quilt, but I had a sinking feeling a little while ago that I should perhaps consider doing a trial run first instead of cannonballing my ass into the deep end and potentially ruining a lot of fabric that can't be re-purchased here in Huntsville.

Penrose quilting?

Like I needed a new obsession.

On Friday afternoon, Jacob introduced me to Penrose tilings, which were entirely new to me. I was completely fascinated, running off in a multitude of directions to learn about things like 'aperiodic tilings' and tile patterns in Islamic architecture, and by Saturday I was hooked.