Tonight, on the bamboo size twos

My summer project, ambitiously untitled "Amy Makes A Harry Potter Scarf For Anyone Willing To Pony Up Yarn Money," is now definitely in full swing. Wesley got his Slytherin scarf in time for his birthday (surprise!), Dan safely has the Hufflepuff scarf he plans to give his father already in hand a month before his father's birthday, and I've just mailed off the first of Jody's scarves—a Gryffindor.

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I'll huffle and I'll puffle...

…and if you're patient, you'll end up with a scarf.Scarf #2 in the Make Harry Potter Scarves For Friends project is now done. Silly me forgot to take a photo of scarf #1, which was a Slytherin scarf that was a stealth birthday present for a friend, in that "You just thought I was making this for someone else, didn't you?" kind of way I'm so bad at.

Update, 28 June 2005, Wesley's Slytherin scarf. … thanks, Mary, for the photo.

so shall all the grumbling be!

This weekend I was teased, and rightfully so, about the similarity between knitting and software design. There was, as Brian explained, a vast gulf of difference between something that was 'done' and something that was truly finished and out the door. In software design, 'done' means you've finished coding, and 'finished' means you've done everything that comes after: debugging and testing. In knitting, 'done' means you've finished the knitting, and 'finished' means you have completed all cleanup details, like weaving in your ends and attaching trim.

I really should warn you people

It only took me fifteen months to get around to taking down 2003's "temporary Valentine's Day design."It's installed, with a photo that might, or might not, be temporary. (Never again shall I be more specific than that when it comes to designs on this site!) Behold the thickness of my Librarian Chic Glasses … which I hardly ever wear out in public. (Tree reflections in glasses are courtesy of Brian & Suzan's backyard.)

Twas the week of Christmas…

Amazing. About a week before Christmas, suddenly the suburban population of Huntsville wakes up and says, collectively, "Holy shit, Christmas is next weekend?

Attention shoppers

Part One: Women

There's a rule. Don't go to Yarn Expressions on one of their variable-percentage sale days. (Draw a ticket to determine your discount. Most people get 20% off, a few people get more, one person gets 75% off.) Sure, the flyers are lovely, and the possibility of drawing one of the lucky tickets is enticing, but the actual experience of trying to make a purchase at the store on sale day can only be described as craptastic.