I really should warn you people

It only took me fifteen months to get around to taking down 2003's "temporary Valentine's Day design."It's installed, with a photo that might, or might not, be temporary. (Never again shall I be more specific than that when it comes to designs on this site!) Behold the thickness of my Librarian Chic Glasses … which I hardly ever wear out in public. (Tree reflections in glasses are courtesy of Brian & Suzan's backyard.)

I'd like to get a friend to do a quick photo of me this weekend without the glasses, but given the massive socialization we've got planned, that may or may not happen. You may be stuck with a photo of my coke-bottle-squinting self. You'll adjust. There are drugs that can help.

Changes worth noting: … none, really.

Changes I feel like noting because I had to code them: I've returned the "recent entries" list to the front page. For those of you obsessive enough to feel that you must see ALL of my rantings, congratulations, we're practically married, and it's time for your sorry ass to help out with the mortgage and cat-care. (Tenzing demands fealty. Pony up, damn you.)

Issues: more than you can possibly imagine.

SITE issues: there are a few pages buried deep down in the site that need tweaking. I'll tinker with them eventually.

I've also taken the 'now listening' section down and replaced it with a feed from audioscrobbler, which I've been tinkering around with for some time. It's still not updating quite like I'd want, but I can work on that in my spare time. I used DoSomething before, which was clean and easy, but the plugin wasn't being updated any more. I've been playing with audioscrobbler for a while. I love what they're doing—enough to prompt a small monthly donation on my part—and the statistics AS provides have been interesting, to say the least. My user info can be seen at audioscrobbler.com/user/domesticat/.

I told you my taste in music was plebeian. Not to mention odd. Recommend me something new to listen to! Don't make me break out Kevin Gilbert again. I have my weapons, and I'm not afraid to use them.

I'm sick of hearing about sadness
I'm sick of violent crime
I'm sick of angry militant lesbian feminists
I'm sick of imperfect rhyme

Dude, I told you.

Oh, and I get my car back tomorrow. I've been in a rental car since the 19th. I have begun calling it the Stupid Stratus. We have agreed to disagree, it and I. I like to accelerate. It likes to take my request for acceleration, file it, and get back to me at its convenience. My little silver Jetta understands—no, grooves on—acceleration. "You want to go fast?" it says, shortly before slamming my head back into the headrest in its excitement and yelling "wheeeeeeeeee!" under its engine breath.

Busy week. Tonight inaugurates Weekly Movie Nerdfest at Stephen & Misty's (we start with "Sideways"). Tomorrow is the Weekly Dinner And Gratuitous Tea Consumption at Wes & Mary's. Brian & Suzan arrive on Friday. There will be food and merriment.

Much merriment.

Leave a message after the beep. Especially if you're calling to tell me that my car is fixed. If that's you, then you're the one person I really really want to talk to today.

…and if I can just persevere a little while longer, I'll have one doozy of a knitting project to photograph & show here. Soon. Sooooooooooooooon. I dream of the day this project is done. I may stab myself in the eye with a knitting needle just out of confusion once it's over. I've been at it so long that I may suffer separation anxiety … wait. No. :D


Oh, man. Did my email start something? (And, if that's the case... do my emails have secret powers I don't know about?)

Your pain with rental cars equals mine from three years hence, when I called that thing "the Fuckus". Like the new work. Holler if you want to talk about grabbing stuff from AS. ;)

Did your email start something? No ... but it reminded me it was well past time to FINISH something. I've known about this photo for a couple of months and figured I'd use it in a site design - I just never got around to finishing things up, mostly because I had to finish rewriting that crap code for my Audioscrobbler stuff. For now, just assume your email has secret powers. It probably does - we just don't know what they are yet. Geof - I'd forgotten about the Fuckus. Ugggggggh. Supposedly I get my car back tomorrow, but this is the third Get Out Of Jail date I've been given. I really hope this one sticks...because as soon as I get the car back, I need to take it to the VW dealership for some warranty maintenance. You know, usual life stuff.

*beep* Hopefully, your car is fixed. :) Looking forward to seeing the knitting project. Hell, I'm looking forward to taking pictures of my own projects and posting them. Sounds like you have a delightful week planned.

… oh no! You mean you are actually supposed to complete a knitting project? I use my tangle of yarn as an illusionary front for visitors in hopes they’ll believe I am a domestic goddess. Oh well … back to the drawing board.