This is your brain on mySQL

Well, it would be, if I had one left. Really. Last I saw of it, it was marching out the door with a suitcase and a beer, muttering an obscenity-laden set of phrases that sounded like "See you later!" and taking my code with it. That was after the cats napped on it for an hour or two this morning.

It was, apparently, squishy and warm. The cats like that.

In better news, I have something that, if you squint, is really starting to resemble an admin interface. Never mind the fact that Noah still managed to make it implode the first time he tried. (Sotto voce to Noah: don't be afraid to log in again! I swear it won't always be like that!) We will not discuss how depressing this was, and will instead note that his crash-testing led to the first bugfix.

The list of things to do before moving on to the display functions is growing shorter:

  • Make the silly database-backup page work. Gareth hath provided code; I must implement.
  • Clean up some cruft on the superuser-edits-another-user page. Silly select buttons.
  • Oh, that pesky manage-entries page: add another table to the schema for fulltext searching. Mumble, mumble.
  • Pet Edmund. He's apparently feeling lonely, and is taking refuge in the laundry.
  • Oh, that pesky manage-entries page, part II: figure out how to write that damned query involving categories. We are NOT going to discuss how painfully awful my first (abortive) attempt was.
  • Work out that potentially nasty conflict between private entries and private categories. Must…be…careful…there.
  • Fix the status notification line on the add/edit-an-entry page. Nothing like being told you've edited an entry, when in fact you've just added it.
  • Put in the email-on-new-post code.
  • Feed Tenzing. Preferably before he wastes away.
  • Decide whether to actually implement the ping or just blow it off as the bit of uselessness it is to me. (Currently leaning towards blowing it off.)
  • Sleep. I have an Atlanta trip looming.

Good news: 'display: inline;' is your friend when you're using javascript and plain text to make "edit this post" links in the stats area of the main page.

Better news: the funky combinations-of-queries system works on the manage-entries page. Props to Brad for the suggestion and Tenzing for leaving me alone long enough to get it working.

Best news: I think I can get a good chunk of Quarto live by dragon*con, which has been my goal all along. Being able to postdate posts (so that new posts would continue to appear even while I was sleep-deprived from working the convention) has been a longtime [dream|goal|obsession] of mine.

Pictures of the newly-knitted pimp hat are forthcoming, never you fear. Once I get the third bit of cord elastic woven in, I may be forced to start wearing it for coding sessions. If I can't make mySQL fear my l33t coding skills (highly unlikely) I can at least scare them with my headgear (likely).

Yes. I think it's time to sit down, finish up the pimp hat, and pet the nearest cat. I wonder if extended code-fu is an excuse to order pizza instead of cooking tonight?



That excuse is better than none.

I just want everyone to know I did NOT make it implode deliberately. I stopped working on Greymatter a year and a half ago, remember? Okay? Yeah... good... um, yeah. =)

/me high-fives Noah for breaking Quarto See, you got to do it this time. When Amy did her massive geek-chick redesign, I broke it in 37 seconds. :)

37?!?!?! heh, okay, I'm going to go back to catching up on everything I missed during my whole 3 hours offline.

Three hours? I pity you not! I'm trying to catch up on everything I would have normally read today! :)