That Was The Year That Was

In the interest of absolutely no one but myself, let's scan backwards through 2002, The Year That Was, and see what's not worth commenting on but, due to lack of actual comment-worthy content, we'll comment on anyway.

Total posts this year: 346
Total words 160,325
Avg. length of post: 463 words
Total comments: 1636
Longest post: What Will is having for dinner (3327 words)
Longest post that I wrote: I know this much is true (1824 words)
Shortest post: Murphy's Law, redux (33 words)

Not bad. Despite yet another year of failing miserably as a published novelist, it appears that I've managed to post the equivalent of an online novel this year.

A check of previous years indicates that this, unsurprisingly enough, appears to be a yearly occurrence, as 2001 saw a total spew of over 133,000 words and 2000 (a partial year) saw just shy of 80,000. However, I was momentarily annoyed with myself when I realized that my average post length had dropped this year.

I blame it on the recipes, personally. It's either that or I'm going to have to blame it on Corporate, and we all know that is a road we don't want to go traipsing down, righto? (Anyone who doesn't remember can hop back and read the Pledge Week entries to satisfy themselves that that sort of insanity should only be perpetrated once yearly at most.)

So what was good about The Year That Was? Here's a trip down memory lane:

When the words fell correctly

  • Comfort care, a matter of time.
  • Think of the souls you'll save
  • A blessing from the air
  • Zero to fifty-nine
  • Here to there and back again
  • Softball season
  • Eight tenths
  • Touch
  • Last chance groceries in the Winn-Dixie saloon
  • The best(?) of twisted humor, style

  • Think of the souls you'll save
  • Audrey Hepburn is still dead
  • Bunny Quest
  • If I wave a blowtorch over the egg...
  • You must be this tall to ride this ride
  • I bet this is a rounding error...
  • Is that German?
  • Diving degree of difficulty: 3.3
  • web sites can do more damage than women
  • The 'That Guy' virus
  • Give a kitty a spinning wheel (a tiny little fable)
  • With that all exhaustively listed, I found I couldn't pick out which entry I liked best, so I opted for two: 'Touch' and 'web sites can do more damage than women.' These are, by far, the best and most representative of The Year That Was...both side-splittingly funny and achingly sad, alternately lonely and too busy to be borne without bouts of insanity.

    With that, ladies and gentlemen, we bring 2002 to a close on It's time to set up the 2003 images directory, write out the notifylist blurb for this entry's notification email, and prepare for hosting tonight's New Year's Eve Lazy Gaming UnParty.

    Thanks for reading. Say hi sometime.

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    "But the gulf between understanding and knowledge is filled with tears." Hits me every time, because it is so freaking true. Hope to heck that next year's at least less tumultuous.

    Hi (you told me to say hi so I did).

    Brian - *thwap* Heather forgot to take the beer home with her. We'll have to take it to her when we journey to The Great Frozen North Of Greater D.C. Or drink it ourselves and forget to tell her. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

    Heather forgot beer? OMG, that's never happened before!

    Hi, and Happy New Year. :)

    We all look towards the New Year with some anticipation and some fear, who knows what it can bring? is new. Its that second chance that we're never given, a new pad of paper to which we can paint our own story and while not forget, atleast slightly dim, the pain of the past. Here's to a good one :)

    Yes, I forgot the beer. I realized this around Cleveland, TN. And there better be beer in your trunk when you journey to the semi-frozen north. ;)