October updates/changes

#1 - friendly URLs at last!

I've added my own version of friendly URLs to this site. All old links to the site should work, but from now on, links should be a little easier to remember.

New version: http://domesticat.net/node/1021

Similar changes have been made to category and user links, but I won't bore you with those. If you find any pages whose links don't work properly, let me know, and I'll patch things appropriately.

#2 - LiveJournal users

If you are a LiveJournal user, I've picked up a freebie LJ account from a friend, and am using it to post notices when new entries are made here on 'cat.net. I am domesticat there, and the page can be found at livejournal.com/users/domesticat.

#3 - list? what list?

I hate to sound like a pitchman here, but I run an email notifylist for when this site is updated. In the world of RSS feeds (mine's over here), it's a bit quaint, but I make up for the general anachronistic value by putting in extra bits that don't show up anywhere on the site. I have a habit of making pretty obscure entries; the email notifications often contain explanations.

#4 - list? oh, that list.

It's time to update the best-of list from entries past. I usually try to do that sort of thing around my birthday, and that's coming up next week. Got an entry in mind that didn't suck? Let me know. I'll toss it in for consideration.

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