Yarn lust: Sanskrit

An evil little yarn from artfibers.com:


I'd just like to note that I do not need this yarn. That fact does not, however, prevent me from lusting after it.

I quote:

The story of this amazing yarn is thus: Traditionally, Indian women wear a simple but elegant garment called a Sari, most often made from finely woven silk. These days most sari fabrics are made on very high tech machines. In the process of setting up warps (the lengthwise fibers) on these machines, a yard or so of fiber wraps around the end rollers and cannot be incorporated into the woven structure. This yarn, though new pure beautifully dyed silk, is discarded as scrap.

Fortunately, that is not the end of the story. Our enterprising handspinner friends in Nepal tranform these precious strands into boldly artistic yarns like those shown here. We were so taken by this idea that we commissioned a special production run, with fibers carefully hand selected for quality.

I have promised myself that when I am done losing weight, I will knit little bitty sweaters for me - you know, to go with the new little bitty body. I have yarn that I've been stockpiling for years that will go to this purpose.



I have a scarf made out of very similar yard (recycled silk as well) that I adore - bright, colorful, and surprisingly warm.

I've seen this stuff in the store. 18 bucks for a little hank. *lust* I have a scarve that my grandmother got for my mother (I didn't make it) and I love this stuff it's warm and it's so yummy and pretty, though I must say that it's getting a little dingy, it is like 6 years old and I wear it a lot. Some day I'm going to get more of that yarn... I don't know, what I'd want to do with it, though, scarves are nice, but I don't know that I'd want a swweater... maybe a shawl thing (shrug), or something. I've seen these circular tubes with ribbing on the top called boob tubes, which I think would be cool, except if I did that I'd have to give it away, and I'd want that stuff for me. *sigh* Anyway.

uh, can I have a tub of it just to sit in?

Oh, isn't it wonderful? I'm a spanky-new knitter, but even so....I want some of that stuff! I also want a sugar daddy to support my yarn habit (I keep it hush-hush normally, but I figure I can admit it to a fellow yarn ho, especially one with such exquisite taste in yarn). One day, it'll all happen.