So much for making the bed.

Two cats, one brain.  Click on the photo to get a larger version:

Mind-meld complete.

Usually we can tell which one of the brothers Fang possesses the brain at any given moment by his exhibition of intelligent behavior.  Whichever cat is awake generally has the brain.  Notable exception:  when Edmund wanders around the house yelling his kitty arias at the top of his lungs because Tenzing didn't want to play with him, dammit.

No intelligent being would make those noises.  Especially not at three in the morning.

If you're wondering which Fang is which, Fang-the-sniffy (aka Tenzing) is on your left.  Fang-the-fat, aka Edmund the Lard-Ass-Of-Doom, is on your right.  Using his brother for a foot prop, no less.  (That, along with gratuitous ass-biting, are what kittybrothers are for.)

They really are this wretched on a regular basis.  Pathetic.  Just pathetic.

(And yes, I refer to my cats in the collective. I would, even if it were just Edmund, because Edmund alone practically qualifies as a collective just by weight. At 20…ish… pounds, Edmund alone qualifies as at least two of Brian & Suzan's cats. They may have more instances of cats, but we have more Cat.)

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Speaking of cats, at the very moment you posted this I was creating accounts on Catster for Spike and Anya.

oh oh oh! Okay, so I'm a sucker for black kitties. I'd spoil Anya rotten if I were anywhere near her. I think Jeff has accepted that it will be a lifelong battle for me not to adopt every black cat I can find. They're what I grew up with (we rescued them) and I'm very very protective of & partial to them. For now, though, Jeff keeps the cat population in our house down by whispering "Edmund would eat the kitten!" every time I make googly eyes at a cute little purring puffball.

She is adorable as she looks, I have to say. I, on the other hand, am partial to orange kittens. Someone I know just had two and was trying to talk me into one. So Jon similarly had to restrain me with the Force of Reason. He pointed out (very sensibly) that we have two perfect cats, and bringing a new kitten into the house might upset things. But still. Kittens!

The fog is getting thicker.... ...and Fang is getting LARRRGER! Did I mention I now live in a 3-cat, 1-dog household? The pet hair is going to kill us all.