home for 14 hours

We are off for several days in Detroit, for a trip that has been many years in the making. We will spend time with two of the people who are (somewhat) responsible for Jeff and me working up the bravery to actually, physically, meet each other all those years ago.

So far this week, I've hosted a massive geekbash, driven to and from Atlanta, and have done the necessary packing so that we can leave for Detroit in the morning. The wedding's on Saturday; we have a Sunday-morning flight back that will, all things considered, put us back in Birmingham in time for Crutcher & Theresa's wedding on Sunday afternoon.

We will stumble home sometime on Sunday night, absolutely exhausted.

Entries will just have to wait. Right now I don't have the brain power to say anything more than this.


*waves franticlly* have fun!!