fever dreams

Current temp is 102°F. I am currently incubating some nonspecific virus—that is not influenza—which currently thinks I am teh hawtness.

Or it's making me that. Whatever.

Jeff is tending me, all but putting the ibuprofen in my mouth every six hours, and bringing me things like Gatorade and cool washcloths for my neck.

Note to self. Keep spouse.

At least PHE is over. I can take as long as I need to get well. There's no timetable.

In the meantime I'm gonna stare at the ceiling. The higher my temp gets, the more fascinating it gets. I may yet find Shakespeare up there if I look hard enough.

Back soon, I hope.


Taking it very easy sounds like a plan, get well soon.

I hope you get over this soon! And yes, keep Jeff around! Hope PHE didn't cause this...