Not as we planned

I am having to be far more careful at drupalcon than I'd hoped. Instead of doing a full-blown free-for-all, I'm having to be choosy about what I do -- and I'm choosing to go to sessions. I came down with something nasty either in Huntsville or in Minnesota, and it was in full swing by the time I landed in San Francisco. What had originally been just an angry tickle in the back of my throat was so bad I couldn't swallow solids or liquids without pain.

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A prince among men

"Well, if you need me to take you to the doctor's office, call me back and let me know. Today's a quiet day. I can do it."

"I think I'll be able to manage. Thanks, though."

I hung up the phone and lay back on the couch. Maybe I'd get some sleep. I set an alarm clock, just in case, and closed my eyes. Only to cough. Again. I put another pillow behind my back and pulled the blanket up a little higher.

I looked down when I heard the little interrogative chirp?, knowing it meant only one thing—Edmund warning me that he was about to jump on my chest. I patted my chest and he hopped up, great lumbering tub of lard he is, and snuggled on my chest. He beamed a kitty smile at me and purred, gently flexing his front claws in rhythm with his breathing.

Plague rats swimming in the betting pool

I spoke with one of the nurses at my GP's office today, and I will be seen this afternoon. They're concerned at how long this mystery illness has held on, and I [unfortunately?] made the mistake of coughing while I was on the phone.Apparently I have the unmistakable rattle of Peruvian Death Flu.

So! In the true spirit of this website, and my sick sense of humor … place your bets. What do I have? Bonuses for creativity of answer or whatever I feel is worthy of a bonus (or just not coughing on).

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fever dreams, part 3

Days of elevated temperature: ten. Though, it should be noted, today was the first day my temperature never hit 100°F. Progress!I have seen the inside of my lungs, and they are bright yellow. We'll just leave it at that. No part of my body should be bright neon yellow. Yuck.


If I can cough, I can breathe, and if I can breathe, I'm still here. 'Here' is a relative term, though, and one whose definition will change a few times in the coming weeks. More so than I'd planned even a month ago, and more so than I've said publicly.I have a plane ticket with my name on it, a ticket that will send me away for a week for a trip that's been delayed since October for various reasons. Instead of an exciting, action-packed Vacation!™ I think I will be … escaping. Resting. I will be gone for a week, and I have zero plans for that week.

fever dreams, part 2

Just checked with a friend. It's apparently Friday. I've been sick since last Saturday.

I appear to be on the downhill side, but this illness is not going gentle into that good night. Temps are currently not at the 102°F level that worried spouseling and me both, but they're refusing to drop to normal levels.

Lots of coughing.
Lots of sleeping.

Have the suspicion that I have been kicked in the head in the past week.

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