incoming: PHE 2006

We are nearly prepared. Yes, PHE 2006 is just about to land on us, and land on us with this sickening, alcoholic *thump*.The RSVP list currently stands somewhere around 40. There will be thirteen people staying in our house alone. I have a fridge full of food, and I'm not done yet.

I have a sweater to finish knitting for Saturday—if I'm diligent, I will finish tonight.

I am alternately excited and utterly terrified. Friends are flying in for this, for crying out loud. People are driving multiple hours each way. All this, for the promise of … something.

I'm not sure what it is we look for in parties like these. A chance to connect, to at last BE the in-crowd. How comforting it is to be a nerd in a party full of nerds; a party full of people who aren't ashamed to admit that yeah, quite a few of us went to grad school, and yeah, some of us have doctorates and kids, but we also know killer dirty jokes and toasts and blackmail on everyone else who will be there—and oh yeah, don't get us started on the games until everyone's had their two-drink-minimum.

So, excitement. All these friends, so many of them so much like family, all together in one house for one whirlwind weekend. All these friends, in the end trusting that I've got my domesticat game on, and that there will be the killer food and drink that—yes, I know, they aren't expecting, but they certainly are damn well hoping for.

Molasses spice cookies. Oatmeal cookies. Gingerpeople. Saturday morning pancakes and chocolate chip cookies. For the first time, a fully-stocked bar. Music. Christmas lights. Homemade salsa.

If we're lucky, I'll append "devil's food cake" to that list tonight.

The first arrivals pull in at midnight tonight. Tomorrow afternoon, I harvest another set in Birmingham. The locals will show up after work with food and games in hand, and the Atlanta folks will trickle in as they finish the drive.

By Saturday morning, this place that I have fussed over, tidying and prepping, will be full to the rafters with my kind of people.


Don't be surprised if I vanish until next Wednesday. The last guestfriendgeek doesn't go home until Tuesday.

Here's to a weekend to remember: the Pan-Holiday Extravaganza. Cheers!


Sorry I can't make it. Art will be leaving something this evening (probably around 9 or 10), so will be in late. While it would be really great to be with friends, right now I think if I got ANY alcohol in me, I'd be a blubbering depressed little girl. And that is not a fun thing to have at a party. So have fun without me, and hopefully I can come next year.

I'm very much looking forward to this. It's a chance to combine visiting family with visiting multiple friends at one time/one place. For me, it's the best of both worlds as I always have difficulty knowing just which friend I should be calling "this time" when I come to visit Mom & Dad. I love having an excuse to socialize with many friends. I can't believe there will be 13 at your place though! See you tonight!