Pardon the dust.

I've been thinking about this for a while, and finally decided to do the jump today. Which, of course, meant there were immediate and nasty repercussions.

I've imported all my users, entries, comments, and categories into drupal. Why is a long story, and one that's likely to come out over the course of the next few days, but it's been brewing for a few months. It has had no small influence on my hesitation to post here.

I'd hoped that the move would be relatively seamless, but I'm seeing a major problem with stylesheets right now. In firefox, they don't seem to be functioning at all. I'm bewildered by this, but this is a problem I have seen on this site before. I'm running another program here, behind the scenes, that has had the same problem for ages.

I have a lot of aliases to rebuild, and a lot of work to do. In the next few days I'll explain why. In the meantime, let me know what problems you encounter. I'll be curious to see if they match the list of problems I know about.

But at least, now, I'm making visible progress.

Update: CSS problem fixed.


Worth noting - drupal supports threaded comments. I've also got it set up so that you can display user avatars with your comments now. Your usernames and passwords should all be the same from before the migration. I'd consider it spiffy if you'd try them out...

Two things:

1. Full-content feeds, please. :)

2. I've been a user for nine years. Heh. I haven't known you that long. ;)

1) Full-content feeds? Done.
2) I didn't save user creation dates in Quarto. Could've SWORN I did, but apparently I didn't. So I just reset everyone's dates to some arbitrary date and left it at that. I wondered how long it would take someone to notice that.

Full-content feed's what Geof's bugged me about as well, so don't feel singled out. :)

I'm an equal-opportunity nag! ;)

I imagine that you're unsurprised that *I* was the one who noticed.

As soon as I muster up surprise, I'll post about it. :D

Everything seems to be working on this end. Was able to log in and update my profile and Bloglines saw the new Drupal-generated feed without having to do anything. Good on ya, kitty. :)