Seattle, Day 2: Librarians

Librarians and interstate commerce. Tweets from Seattle, day 2.

  • 8:28 AM PT: ...and I? I'm the dork who can't sleep in while on vacation. :)
  • 3:43 PM PT: At World Spice, buying about $150 of spice requests for friends. Shop clerks just called me a pack mule...
  • 9:25 PM PT: I am a good fit for this grad school. Alternately excited and utterly terrified.
  • 10:24 PM PT: Watching World Spice folks create a spice order for Salumi. 15 POUNDS of paprika!
  • 10:26 PM PT: Attempting to drive the Fail Whale Jeep out of metro Seattle. Expect hilarity.
  • 10:40 PM PT: At Carmelita, waiting for Michael Porter. Restaurant menu inspiring drool.
  • 10:41 PM PT: @canspice You gonna have blogging withdrawal after OSCON?