turn the radio up, Kevin

Thirteen years later, I keep waiting for a world in which Kevin Gilbert's lyrics don't apply.

Look at them now, drawing little lines with their speeches
Each daring the other to cross
It won't be long now cause one will make a stand he believes in
Believing it's well worth the cost
Then the other gets angry, refuses to budge
Fueled by some understandable grudge
And now we wait quietly till the missile arrives
There's no need to shout about the end of our lives

Sure, it's about nuclear war, but...

So turn the radio up and pass the bottle round
And then we'll have one more drink before we all fall down
I'll wear my favorite tie, you can wear your wedding gown
And then we'll both look real sharp when we all fall down

(Both excerpts from "All Fall Down," the version from his bleak and fantastic album Thud)

Goodness gracious, we're at the mercy of the crooks
We're broke and stroking vegetables
and there's way too many cooks
In every pot a pink slip,
In every mouth a hook, every mouth a hook

Goodness Gracious I'm not listening anymore
Cause the spooks are in the White House
and they've justified a war
So wake me when they notify
we're gonna fight some more, we're gonna fight some more


Goodness Gracious of apathy I sing
The baby boomers had it all
and wasted everything
Now recess is almost over
and they won't get off the swing, won't get off the swing
Goodness Gracious we came in at the end
No sex that isn't dangerous, no money left to spend
We're the cleanup crew for parties we were too young to attend
Goodness gracious me

(Grom "Goodness Gracious," same album.)

For lack of something pithy or relevant, I suppose now is the time we get our sticks (American) and marshmallows (Chinese imports) and toast the marshmallows over the flaming carcass of the stock market?