If I'm not prosecuted, it's legal, right?

If you don't get punished, you didn't go anything wrong, right?  That's the message Vice President Dick Cheney gave in an interview with CBS' Bob Schieffer on Sunday, suggesting that a president's actions are legal if those actions didn't result in his impeachment. [read the rest of the article]

Via @trickjarrett.  Thanks for causing my head to nearly explode through steam, Patrick.

As election night draws near

One of my favorite entries on this site is the 2001 entry, Southern political girl.  It has remained one of my favorite tidbits I've ever posted on my site, and every election cycle brings it back to memory.  I have always liked it for its remembrance of the collision of national politics with everyday life; how I saw that particular election from a viewpoint that was different from most of my fellow citizens.

turn the radio up, Kevin

Thirteen years later, I keep waiting for a world in which Kevin Gilbert's lyrics don't apply.

Look at them now, drawing little lines with their speeches
Each daring the other to cross
It won't be long now cause one will make a stand he believes in
Believing it's well worth the cost
Then the other gets angry, refuses to budge
Fueled by some understandable grudge
And now we wait quietly till the missile arrives
There's no need to shout about the end of our lives

Metaphorically speaking

Via Think Progress:

A senior campaign aide who agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity admitted that Palin’s knowledge of Russia may be limited to the way someone from Miami might obtain a general feel for Latin America.

“It is very much being able to look off the tip of Alaska,” the aide said. “Metaphorically, I’m talking about.”

I'm considering nominating my cat for vice-president.  He certainly seems qualified now.

A heartbeat away

For those of us who spent the past eight years muttering that Bush scared us so much we could barely sleep at night, we now know where the sleep deficit went. I present Sarah Palin, who slept through the past eight years straight:

...and in Prairie View, they march

Seen on this article at the Burnt Orange Report:

1000 students, along with an additional 1000 friends and supporters, are this morning [Tuesday, Feb 19] walking the 7.3 miles between Prairie View and Hempstead in order to vote today.

Or see yesterday's aerial shots of them walking.