Cats as NFAs

Here's what I sent out this morning via twitter:

If a human kid, those actions would mean "I had a bad dream, plz cuddle me." But Tenzing is a 9yr-old CAT. Translations, twitterkin?

The response from John was worth quoting:

Tenz as an NFA:  N>E;N>M;N>S;N>P;M>S;M>E;M>P;E>P;E>S;E>N;E>M;P>M;P>N;

where N is napping, E is eating, S is scritchies, M is meowing, P is playing with Edmund, and Po is pooping.

Can one be speechless and laughing at the same time?


A non-deterministic finite autonoma is a lot easier to fit in 140 characters than a deterministic one.  :)

Oh, and assume that N is the start state.  I forgot to mention that.

THAT is brilliant.