Washington, DC twitterlog for Monday, March 2, 2009

I managed to be in DC for the snowstorm ... yay? This, of course, would be the day I needed to tromp all over creation to meet the librarians...

  • 10:51 PM ET: Oh God now they're bribing me with single malt. Send help, but tell them to take their time getting here
  • 8:49 AM ET: Watching gusts of snow blow by outside. I think my brain needs a reboot.
  • 9:16 AM ET: Suzan quoting @whatthecast - "Georgia has four seasons. Spring, summer, fall, and d20."
  • 9:20 AM ET: I was just asked, "Regular or chocolate chip pancakes?" @sassyblonde officially won the spouse lottery.
  • 9:32 AM ET: RT @sassyblonde to me: "The man offered to make you chocolate chip pancakes, the least you can do is find him on Facebook."
  • 12:31 PM ET: Getting ready to fabric shop with @sassyblonde. Last bout of quiet before the madness of drupalcon begins.
  • 5:16 PM ET: Cashmere raid at Filene's Basement. My champagne tastes and beer budget are both appeased.
  • 5:17 PM ET: Riding the red line crosstown to have dinner with the sysadmins. Wanted more time with the musicians...
  • 8:10 PM ET: Defrosting my lungs in a Bethesda coffee shop. Ow.
  • 10:38 PM ET: Leaving systems librarian dinner. Tired. Full of Malaysian and Thai food