Detroit, MI twitterlog for Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm in Detroit, teaching a class to librarians. Can we say 'learning experience'? Here's what I've been up to:

  • 11:21 PM ET: It's kinda lonely around here without @jmcclure. Big casino hotel. Big bed. Very small me.
  • 6:30 AM ET: @sassyblonde Have you guys watched PCU yet?
  • 6:31 AM ET: Butterflies marshaled & thumping their wings in a strangely martial formation. Someone showed them the fail whale gfx; now they're inspired.
  • 6:58 AM ET: protip: Hermès scarf hides doofus boob sunburn acquired while playing Wedding Coordinator AND makes you look like a grownup.
  • 11:50 AM ET: Introvert brain eaten by wolves. Send extraversion. Perky I've got. :)
  • 12:05 PM ET: Getting ready to start afternoon session. Concerned I might not have quite enough material. They may finish early today.
  • 2:24 PM ET: So far class has been interrupted by an Internet outage and a fire drill
  • 3:48 PM ET: SURVIVED.
  • 7:54 PM ET: Back from pizza in Greektown with @wonderstayf and @dbzero. Hooray bakeries. Hooray old friends. :)
  • 7:55 PM ET: Next up: one more teaching day. Then crashing with @crazybutable tomorrow night. This is all so surreal...