For moments like these

Those of us who make handmade gifts wait for moments like these:


That's 4x4 and Spitty on their wedding day, posing with a sunburned me in front of 'red shift,' finally given and acknowledgeable at last. I have video of the giving, which is hilarious and NSFW and must be uploaded somehow, but for now, this photo has to suffice.

I don't know if the intention matters when I work on a quilt, but while sewing, I think a lot about the person (or people) it's for. I find myself hoping that the intentions, the well-wishes, the hopes and dreams and all kinds of intangible thoughts somehow work their way into the stitching.

I had some knowledge of runes that had meaning to them; those were the four I chose to embroider on the corners of the quilt, each turned so that they would be face up to whoever was under the quilt. In the end, you bind off all the work and you wash it and you hug it to your chest and think, keep my friends warm.

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Wait until you see the video. It is PRICELESS. Not to mention profane.