Thoughts on someone else's thoughts

Those of you who have been reading here for a long time know that I don't often just post links to other articles. It's not my style to publish things without writing my own commentary, but I'll say this:  Take ten minutes out of your life to read this.

It won't go in the direction you probably think it'll go.

Take a moment—we none of us do that action enough, really—and think about who you are today, and who you once were.  Are you the same?  How have you changed?  Do you carry your life, your actions, your words with grace? 

Jeff—my Jeff, the spouseling, not the Jeff Eaton of this blog post—said something to me over the years that I have greatly appreciated: you cannot be the person you are today without the person you once were.

Jeff—the other Jeff, the person I've met once at a conference and hope to run into again in Paris—is the kind of person you want to share a beer and a meal with.  He'll make you laugh, he'll cause you to want to take on about seventeen new programming projects, but most of all he'll make you think carefully about your life and the choices you've made.

This slightly crazed planet needs more people like that.