Mission accomplished

Every person who makes any sort of craft, and gives those crafts away as gifts, hopes those items will go on to have long, useful, and productive lives after they've left the crafter's hands. I got a bit of a preview tonight:

Emily clearly has no fear where Hallie is concerned...This is my RAWR face

['This is my RAWR face'] -- Discothèque, the quilt on your left, belongs to Emily, the toddler in the photo.  Hallie is holding her quilt 'Continuity,' which is made of squares pieced by either her great-aunt or her great-grandmother.

Or this:

Ashley, Emily, Hallie, and their quiltsAshley, Emily, Hallie, and their quilts

['Ashley, Emily, Hallie, and their quilts']

It's worth noting that Hallie and Ashley are old friends, and their quilts share the same backing fabrics.  Discothèque's backing is mostly a marbled blue, with a column of Girl Scout fabric; Hallie's quilt 'Continuity' is backed with mostly Girl Scout fabric and a row of the same blue.

Emily on her quiltEmily on her quilt

['Emily on her quilt']

My day is now officially made.  Must ... sew ... faster.  Famous Tim is next!


Very beautiful quilts Amy!