Quilt planning: the two librarians

I'm starting to lay groundwork for a quilt that I'm making -- get this! -- for myself. I promised Jacob that I would use at least part of his fabric presents to me to actually create a quilt that I would keep for myself. It's taken on a life of its own, though: it's actually going to be my first two-sided quilt.

The catch is that it's about me. Both sides of me. In our friendship we've created shorthand terms for those sides:  the 'white librarian' and the 'red librarian.' The side that's publicly presentable, and the other side that's only seen by people I'm close to. The good side and the naughty side. I love the idea of having a quilt that was pretty and filled with all the things I love -- and then on the reverse, also pretty and filled with other things I love.

Do you know how hard it is to find even remotely naughty quilt fabric? Sheesh. I may have to resort to using spoonflower to make some new fabrics, because seriously, it doesn't seem to get any naughtier than 1950s pin-up girls.

You'd think grandmothers were working with this stuff, or something.

Don't quilt fabric manufacturers know how they got to BE grandmothers?

Surely this fabric exists somewhere. *mutter, stomp*

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Because, seriously? Those Kama Sutra drawings? They can't possibly be copyrighted.